Room Planner Help

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4. Adding & Editing Objects | 6. Chief Architect® Sojourn®

5. Creating Camera Views

You can create both interior and exterior views of your project by tapping the 3D button on the Action panel.

In 3D views, standard gestures can be used to zoom in and out as well as pan and rotate around the model. In a Room View, you can also zoom and pan using the thumbsticks.

Interact with your 3D Room Views in a whole new way with Chief Architect® Sojourn®.

In Room View, the Mini-Map window at the top left corner of the screen shows the 2D Plan View. The camera’s position and direction are represented by a blue arrow, providing a sense of its location within your plan.

Objects placed from the Library in Plan View can be moved and deleted in 3D views. If you prefer, you can turn off 3D Editing by tapping the Settings button.

You can also apply Materials to walls, floors, ceilings, and other object surfaces.

4. Adding & Editing Objects | 6. Chief Architect® Sojourn®