Room Planner Help

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7. Customizing Finish Materials

8. Sharing Your Project

You can add text, arrows, and dimensions your Room Planner plan and then share your drawing in a variety of ways.


In Plan View, you can use Text and Arrows to call attention to features of your drawing. Tap the Annotations button, then tap either the Arrow or Text button and drag it into the drawing.

In Plan View, you can also tap the Annotations button and add dimension lines to the drawing.

Text objects, Arrows and Dimensions can be moved, rotated, and deleted just like other objects.


When you are ready to share your plan with others, tap the Share button. The available options vary widely by device, but note that sharing is not available on Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and prior.

In addition to sharing images of your plan, in the full version of the app you can save the plan itself to the cloud. Begin by tapping the Settings button and choosing Cloud to log in to your Chief Architect account. Next, tap the Plans button, select a plan and tap the Save to Cloud button.

Note that plans stored on the cloud are not saved on your device. When you log out of your cloud account or are offline, any stored plans will be unavailable.

Room Planner plans saved to your cloud account can be opened in the full version of Room Planner on your other Android or iOS devices. They can also be imported into Chief Architect drafting software, version X7 and later, and Home Designer programs, version 2016 and later. Up to five plans can be stored at a time.

7. Customizing Finish Materials