Toggling the Display of Wall Layers on and off

Reference Number: KB-00034
Last Modified: February 7, 2022

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Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


My walls have multiple layers which used to display in floor plan, but now they are gone, and only my main layer shows. How do I turn the display of those other wall layers back on so I can see them in my floor plan?


If you have checked the Disp column for the "Walls, Main Layer Only" layer in the Layer Display Options, only the main layer of your walls will display. 

Walls displaying the main layer only

To turn on the display wall layers

  1. Navigate to Tools> Layer Settings> Display Options from the menu.

  2. In your currently active layer set, scroll down to the "Walls, Main Layer Only" layer, and uncheck the Disp column or remove the check from the Display checkbox.

    Uncheck the Display of the Walls, Main Layer Only layer in the Layer Display Options dialog

    In X14 and newer versions, a "Brick Ledge Lines" layer is available, allow you to toggle the display of brick ledges.

  3. Click OK, and any walls in your plan that have multiple layers will now show them in floor plan view.

    All wall layers displaying

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