Drawing a Pony Wall

Reference Number: KB-00064
Last Modified: December 1, 2018

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


How do I create a pony wall?


A pony wall, sometimes referred to as a split wall or stacked wall, is a single wall composed of two separate wall types; one built above the other.

There are two ways to create a pony wall in Chief Architect - by drawing it using the Pony Wall tool or by specifying a normal wall as a pony wall. 


To draw a pony wall

  1. Select Edit> Default Settings  from the menu. In the Default Settings dialog:  

    • Click the  beside Walls.  

    • Click on Pony Wall, then click the Edit button.  

  2. In the Pony Wall Defaults dialog:  

    • Specify the wall types that you would like to use for the Upper and Lower Pony Walls.  

    • Specify the desired Lower Wall Height 

    • Select how you would like the pony wall to display in plan view.  

    • Click OK to close the dialog, then click the Done button to close the Default Settings dialog, as well.  

  3. Select Build> Wall> Straight Pony Wall  from the menu.  

  4. Click and drag to draw a pony wall based on the settings in the Pony Wall Defaults dialog.



To specify a normal wall as a pony wall

  1. With the Select Objects  tool, click on a wall to select it, then click the Open Object  edit button. On the Wall Types panel of the Wall Specification dialog:  

    • Check the box beside Pony Wall.  

    • Specify the Upper and Lower Pony Wall wall types.  

    • Specify the Elevation of Lower Wall Top or Height Off Floor.

      Note: These two settings are dynamic. When one is changed the other will update automatically. "Elevation of Lower Wall Top" is measured from absolute elevation 0" - the default floor height of Floor 1. "Height off Floor" is measured relative to the room defined by the selected wall.

      For example if the pony wall is located on Floor 2 these settings Might have the Elevation of Lower Wall Top as 157 3/4" and the Height Off Floor of 36".

    • Click OK to close the dialog and apply your change to the selected wall.



In x10, you can add a Wall Cap to the top of a pony wall on the Wall Cap panel of the pony wall's specification dialog.

In X6 and newer versions, the materials of a pony wall can be changed with the material painter. However, in Chief Architect X5 and prior products you can only specify surface materials of a pony wall in its wall type definitions.  

If you find that your pony wall does not display the correct surface materials, you have most likely overridden the default materials for these wall types - either in the Room Specification dialog or by using the Material Painter  tool. 

Since a pony wall's surface materials can only be specified in its two wall type definitions, you may need to create custom wall types. Also, if you create a pony wall, but do not see the specified surface materials in 3D views, you may need to restore materials changed by the material painter. See the Related Articles section below for additional information.