Enabling Temporary Dimensions

Reference Number: KB-00089
Last Modified: February 13, 2019

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I used to be able to select a wall, door, window, cabinet, or other object and see temporary dimensions that I could use to precisely position the object. Now I don't see those dimensions when the object is selected. How can I turn my temporary dimensions back on?


Temporary dimensions can be toggled on and off as necessary. Sometimes though they may get turned off by accident.


To toggle temporary dimensions back on

  • Select View> Temporary Dimensions .

  • If there is a checkmark next to it and its highlighted with a light blue color, this feature is enabled. This toggle affects all views and is saved between launches of Chief Architect.

  • As with other dimension lines, Temporary Dimensions only locate objects that are parallel or nearly parallel to one another. They will also locate the endpoints of CAD lines and the corners of objects located past the end of the selected edge, within 4 feet (1200 mm) of the point where you click to select the object.

  • A temporary dimension will not display when an object is selected if a manually drawn dimension line is already present that shows the same information.

    Note: If you have an earlier version of Chief Architect, the temporary dimensions can be toggled by navigating to CAD> Dimensions> Display Temporary Dimensions