Obtaining Library Content

Reference Number: KB-00090
Last Modified: November 14, 2017

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


My Library Browser appears empty, or is missing content. How can I download this information?


If your Library Browser is empty, then you  have not yet downloaded the Core Content. While the program will prompt you the first time you launch it to download and install this data, you can choose to restart this process at any time if you did not download it in its entirety. To do so, follow the steps outlined below.

To install core content

  1. First, launch Chief Architect and start a New Plan .

  2. Next, from the menu, select Library> Install Core Content.

  3. Once all the Core Libraries have been successfully installed, an information message will display advising, "Your Library Catalogs are up to date."

    • If you're unable to download the Core Content, please visit the Troubleshooting Library Download Issues article linked in the Related Articles section at the bottom of this article.

If you have successfully installed all of the Core Libraries and believe you are missing other content, it may be that the item(s) you are looking for are in a bonus or manufacturer catalog.

The Chief Architect Core Catalogs, Bonus Catalogs, and Manufacturer Catalogs are updated periodically to include new and improved content. You can update your installed catalogs to include the latest content by selecting Library> Update Library Catalogs at any time.

The program will gather information about the content in each of these three categories, and then download and replace any content that is not up to date, and you may see a progress indicator at the bottom of the Library Browser while it is doing so.

To obtain manufacturer and bonus content

  1. From the menu select Library> Get Additional Content Online.

    If for some reason that doesn't bring you to our Library download page, follow the next steps instead:

  2. Launch your web browser and go to: https://www.chiefarchitect.com/

  3. Click on the My Account link near the upper right of the webpage.

  4. Enter in your e-mail address and password and click the Login button.

    If you cannot remember your password, click on the "Lost your password?"  link, and request that a temporary one be sent to your e-mail address. Once you have logged in using the temporary password, change your  password to something that you will remember in the future.

  5. Once you have logged in, on the My Account page, click on Chief Architect> Catalog Downloads.

    • Catalogs with Free next to the download arrow do not require SSA and are free to download.

    • Catalogs with SSA next to the download arrow require SSA.  (Support and Software Assurance)

    • Catalogs with a dollar amount (e.g. $2.99) listed are for Home Designer users and Chief Architect users thatdon’t have SSA but want access to some catalogs that have only been available to SSA users previously. 

    • Put your mouse cursor over the Info  symbol for a summary of details.

    • Click on the catalog thumbnail image to go to the full overview of the catalog.

    • Click Like if you think the catalog is:

      • as described.
      • of good quality.
      • worth recommending to others.

  6. Click on the Download Arrow symbol or the Download Button to download the catalog.

    Note: Some Bonus and Manufacturer catalog downloads are only available to those with current Support and Software Assurance.  If your SSA has expired, please contact our Sales team to renew if you would like access to the bonus and manufacturer catalogs, as well as the other benefits that SSA offers.

  7. Next, you will be given a choice of which version of the library to download. Click on the relevant version for you and the download will start.

  8. Depending on your web browser, you will be prompted to either Open or Save the .calibz file.

    Choose Open if that option is available.

    If it is not, choose Save to download the file.

  9. If you chose to Open the file, it should start the download and import process in to Chief Architect automatically.

    If  you chose to Save the file, then you will need to navigate to its location, and double click on it to start the download and import process. Select Library> Import Library, browse to your download folder and double click on the .calibz file. It will be placed in your Library Browser.

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