Creating a Custom Molding Profile

Reference Number: KB-00166
Last Modified: June 7, 2017

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I want to draw a custom molding profile and add it to my library. How can I accomplish this in Chief Architect?

Draw a custom molding profile for use in your home design using Chief Architect.


Custom molding profiles can be drawn in either floor plan view or in a CAD detail window. Moldings should be drawn at their actual size and can be added to the library for future use.

To create a molding profile

  1. Select CAD> Lines> Draw Line from the menu.

  2. Draw a vertical line to form the back of the molding profile. In nearly all cases, this line's length should match the height of the profile you are creating.

    For window casing, base or crown molding, or chair rail, the back of the molding (the part that is against the wall) must be drawn vertically so that it forms the left side of the polyline.

  3. Using the CAD tools, draw your molding profile, keeping in mind that, in order to be used as a molding profile, the polyline must be a closed shape.

  4. With the profile highlighted, click on the Add to Library edit button in the edit toolbar. After the Molding has been added to your Library Browser, you are ready to begin using it in your designs.