Transferring Text and Spreadsheet Information into Chief Architect

Reference Number: KB-00173
Last Modified: February 10, 2022

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I have text and/or spreadsheet information that I would like to copy into Chief Architect. How can I do this?


Text can be copied to and from Chief Architect using the Copy and Paste tools and/or the associated shortcut keyboard commands for Copy and Paste.

To copy text from Chief Architect to another program

  1. Open a Chief Architect plan that contains text you would like to copy.

  2. Using the Select Objects  tool, select the text you wish to copy.

  3. Click the Copy/Paste  edit button or navigate to Edit> Copy using the menu.

  4. Open the program you wish to paste this copied text into and press Ctrl + V if you're on a Windows PC or Command + V if you're on a Mac.


To copy text from another program into Chief Architect

  1. Select the text you would like to copy, then press Ctrl + C if you're on a Windows PC or Command + C of you're on a Mac.

  2. Open the Chief Architect program as well as a plan file, then click Edit> Paste> Paste .

To copy a spreadsheet into Chief Architect

  1. Select the cells that you would like to copy from a spreadsheet application, then press Ctrl + C if you're on a Windows PC or Command + C if you're on a Mac.

  2. Open the Chief Architect plan or layout file in which you would like to paste the text from another program.

  3. Select CAD> Text> Text  from the menu, then click in your drawing area to open the Text Specification dialog.

  4. Click once inside the Text field, then press Ctrl + V if you're on a Windows PC or Command + V if you're on a Mac.

  5. On the Attributes panel of the Text Specification dialog, check Display Border and Display Grid Lines under the Box/Grid section to display column and row separation lines.

    Select the Display Border and Display Grid Lines boxes on the Attributes panel of the Text Specification dialog

  6. Click OK to confirm the changes and your selected spreadsheet cells will now appear in the Text object.

To add text to the library*

*Applies to X13 and newer program versions.

  1. With the Select Object Select Objects tool icon tool, select the text box that needs to be added to the library.

  2. On the Edit toolbar, click on the Add to Library Add to Library tool icon tool to add the text box to the User Catalog section of the Library Browser.

  3. If additional changes need to be made to the added text object, right-click on it from within the User Catalog and choose Open Object .

    Note: On a Mac, hold down the Control key while clicking to initiate a right-click command. More information about right-click commands on Apple input devices can be found in the following Apple resource: Right-click on Mac.

    Selecting Open Object from the contextual menu