Using the Customizable Hotkeys Feature

Reference Number: KB-00238
Last Modified: December 28, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I know that many Chief Architect tools have a keyboard shortcut, or hotkey, already associated with them, but I want to specify which hotkeys activate specific Chief Architect tools.  How can I do that?


You can specify which hotkeys activate which Chief Architect tools in the Customize Hotkeys dialog.

To access the Customize Hotkeys dialog

  1. Select Tools> Toolbars & Hotkeys> Customize Hotkeys  from the menu.

  2. Show commands/hotkeys containing - Type part or all of the name of a tool or hotkey to see a list of tool names and hotkeys with that string of characters.

  3. Click on an item in the list of Commands and Hotkeys to select it.

  4. When a tool is selected, notice the Tool Available In section displays a list of the view types where the selected command can be used. The Tool Description section shows a brief description of the selected command.


To create a custom hotkey for a command

  1. Click on a command to select it.

    • In this example, we will create a hotkey for the 3D View Material Tools - Adjust Material Definition  command.

  2. Click in the Assign Hotkey field, then press the key combination you want to use. For the purposes of this example, hold down the Shift key and then press "A" on the keyboard.

  3. Now click the Assign button to create the "Shift +A" keyboard combination for this hotkey.  

    Note: If you attempt to assign a hotkey which will conflict with the hotkey for another command, you will receive an error message detailing what the hotkey conflicts with.

    This dialog will also allow you to choose whether to remove the current association and assign the new hotkey, or to return to the dialog to choose a different command for it. You cannot begin a multiple hotkey sequence with any key that is currently in use as a 'stand alone' hotkey.

  4. Click OK to return to plan view, and now you can use the newly assigned Adjust Material Definition hotkey in a 3D view to quickly activate this tool.

To create a list of Hotkeys

A list of the hotkeys available to the current program user can be saved in .html or .xhtml format.

  1. Select Tools> Toolbars & Hotkeys> Create Hotkey List to open the Save Hotkey List File Dialog.

  2. Browse to the location in which you want to save your list.

  3. Create a name for your list and then click Save.

  4. This creates a hotkey list that can then be opened in a web browser window and printed for your reference.

To use a hotkey, simply press the appropriate key or combination of keys on your keyboard instead of selecting the menu item or clicking the toolbar button.

For example, press the Ctrl and Z keys at the same time to perform an Undo.