Uninstalling Chief Architect

Reference Number: KB-00466
Last Modified: July 19, 2021

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


How do I remove Chief Architect from a computer, and is there anything that I need to do before I uninstall?


At times, it is necessary to uninstall a program from a computer to resolve conflicts or to delete corrupted system files. Before uninstalling the program, it's recommended that you deactivate your Chief Architect license by following the instructions in our License Security article.

Note: The Chief Architect Data folder that is located in the Documents file directory will remain on your system when the program is uninstalled. This folder contains your user catalog, archives (autosaves and backups for both plan and layout files), imported textures, images, and backdrops, custom toolbar configurations, templates, and other user-created files. Core, bonus, and manufacturer catalogs will also remain untouched when the program is uninstalled.

Please access the link that applies to your operating system below, to learn how to remove a program from your system.

To uninstall Chief Architect