Reassigning Several Objects to a Specific Layer

Reference Number: KB-00645
Last Modified: June 27, 2016

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I have a large number of architectural objects on my drawing that all need to be assigned to a specific layer.

How can I quickly change just those objects to a new layer, while leaving the remaining objects on their current layer?


The Layer Painter and Layer Eyedropper tools allow you to move an object to any layer from any view without opening its specification dialog.

To use the Layer Painter

  1. Open an existing drawing that has a large number of objects that need to be placed on a layer, or start a new drawing by selecting File> New Plan .

  2. If you are starting a new drawing, you will need a few objects to assign to a different layer. To add cabinets to your drawing, select Build> Cabinet> Base Cabinet from the menu and click a number of times to add several base cabinets to your plan.

  3. Select Tools> Layer Settings> Layer Painter from the menu to open the Select Layer dialog.

    • In Chief Architect X5 and prior, navigate to Tools> Display Settings> Layer Painter.

  4. Select the layer that you would like to assign the objects to.

    • In our example, if the cabinets in the new plan were going to form an island, you might create a new layer called Cabinets, Island and assign the cabinets to that layer.

  5. To select the layer that you want to assign objects to, simply click on the layer name to highlight it, and then click the OK button to close the dialog and activate the Layer Painter tool.

  6. With the Layer Painter tool active, the cursor display will display the Layer Painter icon.

    • Click on the objects that you would like to assign to your specified layer.

    • When you are finished assigning objects to the layer of your choice, click on the Select Objects tool to make the Layer Painter  tool inactive.

  7. You can confirm that the objects you assigned to a layer are, in fact, now on that layer on either the Layer or Line Style panel of its specification dialog.

    • In our example, either double-click on a base cabinet or select it and click the Open Object edit button to open the Base Cabinet Specification dialog.

    • On the Layer panel, double-check that this cabinet is now on the Cabinets, Island layer.

To use the Layer Eyedropper

  1. In any view, select Tools> Layer Settings> Layer Eyedropper .

    • In Chief Architect X5 and prior, navigate to Tools> Display Settings> Layer Eyedropper.

  2. Click on an object to load the layer it is on into the Layer Painter .

  3. Your cursor will display the painter icon, and you can click on other objects to place them on the selected layer.