Displaying the Room Area and Room Dimensions Using Macros

Reference Number: KB-00687
Last Modified: July 16, 2021

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I would like to have additional control over room dimensions and room area. How can I create custom room labels that display this information?


You can display more information about a room by using the Text tools with macros.

Automatic room labels that show a room's area and dimensions can also be displayed by toggling certain layers on in a plan view. Please see the "Displaying the Square Footage of a Room" resource in the Related Articles section below to learn more.

To create a text object with macros

  1. Select CAD> Text> Text  and click in a room that you wish to display the area for.

  2. In the Text Specification dialog that opens, click the button beside Insert to display a list of macros, which are formulas that enter information into your text object automatically.  

    Inserting a macro into a text box

  3. From this menu, select each of the following macros related to room size:  

    • Room Dimensions (%room.dimensions%)
    • Internal Room Area (%room.area.internal%)
    • Standard Room Area (%room.area.standard%)

  4. You may want to label each macro so it's clear what the calculation is referencing. You may also want to select the Tab key once or twice between the entered label and the macro so they are easily distinguishable in the plan.

    Room Dimensions, Room Internal Area, and Room Standard Area macros specified in the Text Specification dialog

  5. Click OK to see the results in a floor plan view.

    Room Dimension Macros in Floor Plan

  6. Using the Select Objects tool, click on the text object, click the Open Object  edit button to open the Text Specification dialog once again, then decide which macros best fit your needs.

  7. Once the text box is fully to your liking, click OK to close the dialog.

Note: If you move this text item to a different room, it will display information about the room it was moved to rather than the room it was created in. If you move the text item outside the building, it will not be able to detect the room and therefore will not display any information.