Creating a Custom Glass Shower

Reference Number: KB-03133
Last Modified: July 7, 2021

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Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


What is the best method for creating a completely custom glass shower enclosure?

Custom glass shower in a primary bath


Several already existing shower and bathtub combinations, as well as enclosures, can be located in the Library Browser. However, if you're designing a glass shower that requires custom modifications, it's recommended to utilize the Glass Wall and Glass Shower Door tools instead.

To create a glass shower

  1. Open a plan that you'd like to design a custom glass shower within.

  2. Placing focus on the bathroom area, navigate to Build> Wall> Straight Glass Wall or Straight Glass Pony Wall  from the menu, then left-click and drag to create as many shower walls as you'd like.

    Glass shower walls drawin in a floor plan

  3. Make any additional modifications to the newly created walls, such as their position in the plan, or the materials that are applied.

    To learn more about modifying walls and their various properties, please see the Related Articles section below.

  4. With the shower area established, a door can now be placed. Select Build> Door> Shower Door from the menu, then click within a shower wall to place a glass shower door.

  5. Using the Select Objects tool, click on the door to select, then click on the Open Object edit tool.

  6. In the Door Specification dialog that displays, make any desired adjustments, then click OK.

    General panel of the Interior Door Specification dialog

    A shower wall niche can also be created inside a custom shower by navigating to Build> Window> Wall Niche from the menu, and clicking along a wall to create the cavity.

Fixtures can now be added to complete the space. Navigate to Chief Architect Core Catalogs> Architectural> Fixtures within the Library Browser  to find faucets, shower pans, drains, and other fixtures to place into your custom shower. Additional shower fixtures and hardware can be found in the various manufacturer and bonus libraries located in the 3D Library.

Additional tools, such as the Custom Backsplash  and Wall Material Region  tools can be used to apply decorative tile or other materials to certain areas of the shower, while the Soffit  and Polyline Solid  tools can be used to create objects like benches or shower curbs.

Here are just a few of the different shower configurations that have been designed in Chief Architect using the tools and techniques mentioned in this article. These examples, along with several others, can be accessed at anytime from the Chief Architect Samples Gallery.

Bachelor View Owner's Suite Remodel

Bachelor view bath remodel with a custom glass shower

Stone Creek Primary Bath Remodel

Stone creek primary bath


Breckinridge primary bath