Generating Automatic Dimensions that Follow NKBA Standards

Reference Number: KB-03162
Last Modified: April 12, 2022

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


In X13 and prior program versions, I used the NKBA Auto Dimension tools to generate dimensions that met the NKBA standards. I no longer see these tools in X14. How can I generate automatic NKBA dimensions?  


The NKBA Auto Dimension tools have been merged into the Auto Dimension tools to add more flexibility and customization to Kitchen and Bath dimension functionality. To create automatic dimensions that follow NKBA standards in a plan created using an X14 template, use the "Kitchen and Bath Dimension Defaults" in unison with the Auto Dimension tools.

Since the NKBA Auto Dimension tools were not tied to a specific Dimension Default, if you migrate a plan or template created in a prior version into X14, a new Dimension Default called "Legacy NKBA Dimension Defaults" will be created. If you used the NKBA Auto Dimension tools for your Kitchen and Bath plans and elevations in a prior version, we recommend switching to this Dimension Default for these views.

To generate automatic dimensions that follow NKBA standards

  1. Open  the plan file that you would like to generate NKBA dimensions within.

  2. Switch to the desired plan view or elevation view. 

    In this example, the Kitchen and Bath Plan View is the active view.

    Selecting the Kitchen and Bath Plan View

  3. Select Tools> Active View> Edit Active View  from the menu.

  4. On the Selected Defaults panel of the Specification dialog that displays, use the Dimensions drop-down to select your desired Dimension Default.

    If this plan was created using a Chief Architect X14 plan template, select Kitchen and Bath Dimension Defaults. This is the default Dimension Default for the Kitchen and Bath Plan View and follows the NKBA standards. This can also be used for elevation views.

    If this plan was migrated from X13 or a prior version,select Legacy NKBA Dimension Defaults. This Dimension Default follows the NKBA standards and will only appear in legacy plans. This can also be used for elevation views.

    It's important that you're always using the Dimension Default that is intended to be used prior to generating dimensions lines.

    Selecting an NKBA Dimension Default in the Plan View Specification dialog

  5. Once the desired Dimension Default is selected, click OK.

  6. When you use one of the Automatic Dimension tools, the dimension lines will generate based upon the settings set within the selected Dimension Default.

    Note: When generating dimensions using a different Dimension Default, you may receive a message stating "The layer is not displayed. Do you want to turn on the display of this layer in the current view?" Select "Yes" to see the dimension lines.