Modifying a Text Box to have Rounded Corners

Reference Number: KB-00639
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

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Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I would like to know how to round the corners of CAD objects like text boxes. I don't need to define a particular arc, or curve - I would just like a fast way to fillet corners. How can I do this?


CAD polylines, CAD boxes, and many CAD-based objects can be quickly altered so that they have filleted, or rounded corners using the Fillet edit behavior.

To fillet the corners of a text box

  1. To add text to your drawing, from the menu select CAD> Text> Text , and click once in your drawing at the location where you would like to add text.

  2. In the Text Specification dialog which displays when you click, type the desired text.

  3. To make the box surrounding a text object visible, go to the Attributes panel and check the box beside Display Border. Click the OK button to close the dialog and notice that the box surrounding your text is a rectangle with square corners.

    • For Rich Text go to the Appearance panel and put a check in the Border box.

  4. Select Edit> Edit Behaviors> Fillet from the menu.

    • The Fillet edit behavior affects the behavior of the corner edit handles of all CAD objects and many CAD-based objects, as well.

      When you fillet the corner of a polyline or polyline-based object, only that corner will be affected. When you fillet the corner of a CAD box or box-based object, all four corners will be affected identically.

  5. Click the Select Objects tool and select a text object to display its edit handles.

  6. Click on a corner edit handle and drag it towards the center of the text box.

    • As you drag, all four corners will become filleted, or rounded.

    • As long as the Fillet edit behavior is active, you can click and drag a corner handle to adjust the curve of the fillets or to fillet the corners of other CAD and CAD-based objects.

    • Click Edit> Edit Behaviors> Default . When the default edit behavior is restored, clicking and dragging a corner handle will resize the text box without changing the curve of the fillets.