Using Copy and Paste Special Tools to Create a New Material

Reference Number: KB-00789
Last Modified: June 29, 2016

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I have found a free picture online that I would like to turn into a material to use in Chief Architect.

How can I copy it and paste it into the program as a material?


In Chief Architect, images can be added to the Library Browser for use in any plan using the Copy + Paste Special option.  

To create a material using Copy + Paste Special

  1. First, launch Chief Architect and choose to Open  the Chief Architect plan in which you would like to create the new material.  

  2. Select 3D> Create Perspective View> Full Camera , then click and drag to create the view.   

  3. Next, launch your Internet browser and navigate to the website that provides the free image that you would like to use as a material.

  4. Right click on the image and choose to Copy it.  

  5. Once copied, go back to the Chief Architect program window and choose Edit> Paste> Paste Special  from the menu.   

  6. In the Paste Special dialog, select Device Independent Bitmap and click OK.  

  7. In the Paste Image dialog, select Material and click OK.  

  8. Notice that your Library Browser is now open to the new material located in the User Catalog and it is named New Material.   

To change the name of your material as well as access other options

  1. Right-click on the material within the Library and choose Open Object  from the menu.   

  2. On any panel of the Define Material dialog, you can specify a short, descriptive Material Name.

    You can also change the pattern represented by the material, the texture, render and ray trace options in the Define Material dialog.  

  3.  When you are satisfied with the settings for your new material, click OK.

  4. You can now apply the material to the appropriate surface in your active camera view.