What Our Customers Are Saying About Home Designer Software

Home Designer Architectural

I have been using Chief Architect’s Home Designer for about three years now and it has done so many important projects that I wouldn’t have been able to complete without it.

Boy sitting on brick steps.
Christian Dewitt

Home Designer Architectural

Just bought your House Designer software yesterday. (Been trying it out for a couple of weeks). I’m using it to design the house that I always dream about and I want to share with you that I love your product to death.

I have been testing out several other software – online & desktop. None came close. They’re so complicated and troublesome that I thought that it was me being helplessly stupid and therefore not being able to use them. Rarely, have I encountered a software like yours, one that can EASILY and INTUITIVELY do what I wish for and then more.

We sometimes voice our opinion because we have something to complain about. But not this time for me. Kudos to you for such an awesome piece of software.

Thank you so much for saving my time and helping me to see what my dream home looks like before actually building it! Keep up the good work!