Paul Machado Wins 3rd with His Open Concept Kitchen Design!

I had free reigns on this design. Done with a few hours of Ray Trace.

By Emily Black

Paul placed third in the Chief Architect Kitchen/Bath & Interiors Design Contest. He has been using CAD programs since his architectural drafting shop days at the local vocational school.

Chief Architect customer, Paul Machado., standing in front of his finished kitchen design

Paul Machado, Design Manager at Southcoast Kitchen Designs

“I have been in the kitchen industry for just over six years using the same software all my other competitors were using. I started my career in 2012 at a big box store as a kitchen design salesperson, then got more into the technical end of it in the more recent years.

“I currently transitioned to a team with similar long-term aspirations to become a premier Massachusetts Design Build Firm. I knew that making the switch of software to Chief Architect would be essential for our growth. Not just because the scope of the work we were about to take on required much more detailed plans to achieve smooth project flow, but also to separate ourselves from any competitors.

“I’ve been using the software full time now for about five months. Chief Architect seemed to be quite the hybrid of the other software (i.e. 2020 design and Auto-CAD) from my professional experience. Along with a greater ease of use.

“I watched a few Chief Architect webinars that have been very helpful and started using it a lot sooner than I thought thanks to the ease of use of the program in general.”

Winning Design

Congratulations to Paul for his success in our Kitchen, Bath & Interiors Design Contest! We enjoyed hearing about your kitchen design journey and learning about the role Chief Architect has played in your latest designs.

Connect with Paul at Southcoast Kitchen Designs and view the full winning design below.

Layout page including a rendering of an open kitchen with an eat at island, white cabinets and hardwood floors.

If you’d like to learn more about how Chief Architect can help you streamline your kitchen design process and separate you from the competition, download a trial version and attend one of our webinars.

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