2024 Design Contest Winners

Diego Rosa Kitchen Rendering

Headshot of Ariana BeaudryBy Ariana Beaudry

Chief Architect has monthly contests for customers to show off their work. People with various backgrounds and styles compete in the following categories: Kitchen/Bath and Interior, Residential, and Remodel/Addition. Please help us congratulate the winners!

Kitchen, Bath, and Interiors-March

Headshot of Diego Rosa of Dezign Spaces, 1st place winner of Chief Architect Kitchen, Bath, & Interiors contest.
Diego Rosa

1st Place: Diego Rosa

“After a couple of years working in the Kitchen and Bath industry, I created Dezign Spaces with the aim of providing superior service and results, bringing people’s dreams vividly to life. Located in Brevard County, FL, and operating both locally and online, Dezign Spaces has been assisting homeowners, interior designers, contractors, and retail stores in visualizing the complete picture before commencing any services. Through a two-hour online consultation and design process, we strive to deliver impressive results in less than a week with great renderings, construction plans, and a design handbook. Our goal is to help homeowners navigate the remodeling process smoothly while also assisting remodelers in enhancing their businesses with results that truly impress.”

Headshot of Jesse Gould of Design Texas Studios
Jesse Gould

2nd Place: Jesse Gould

“Being featured in the design competition has been a rewarding experience for us at Design Texas Studios. It’s a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Our success in the competition underscores our commitment to excellence and our unique approach to design, which is powered by cutting-edge technology.

Our partnership with Chief Architect has been instrumental in translating our creative vision into stunning, photorealistic renderings. We leverage the software’s advanced features and tools to bring our clients’ dreams to life in unique and powerful ways. Whether it’s intricate detailing or dynamic 3D modeling, Chief Architect allows us to deliver unparalleled results efficiently.

In an industry that demands precision and creativity, we pride ourselves on blending artistic vision with technical expertise to create spaces that resonate deeply with our clients. From custom homes to commercial spaces, we strive to deliver exceptional designs that exceed expectations.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of design innovation and leveraging technology to shape the future of architecture and interior design. With Chief Architect by our side, we are excited about the endless possibilities and are eager to continue our journey of creativity, excellence, and innovation.”

3rd Place: Kelly Trotz

Kelly Trotz has been passionate about design since she was young, drawing on old blueprints that her mom would bring home from her job working with a builder. She began pursuing a degree in architecture but quickly found her passion in interior design.

Kelly is a Senior Designer at Lifestyle Design, where her enthusiasm, keen eye for detail, and amazing technical skills make her an outstanding designer. 

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