2024 Design Contest Winners

Cozy cabin home with back porch seating space

Profile image of Danielle Schroeder By Danielle Schroeder

Chief Architect has monthly contests for customers to show off their work. People with various backgrounds and styles compete in the following categories: Kitchen/Bath and Interior, Residential, and Remodel/Addition. Please help us congratulate the winners!


Ryan McAllen profile image
Ryan McAllen

1st Place: Ryan McAllen

“I’m the co-founder of Tidal Drafting & Design, located on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. I’ve been working in the Architectural Design industry now for 8 years and have spent countless hours pouring over new processes, ideas, and plans in that time. I work with a variety of clients who tend to have a variety of styles and preferences ranging from post and beam structures you would find in the mountains to colorful coastal homes you would find along the Northern Atlantic seaboard and everything in between. Getting to see my client’s excitement when we finish creating a project together is about as rewarding as it gets. It’s what keeps me sane when the workload gets busy!

I tend to work directly with my clients, ensuring that every design I create is tailor-made to suit their wants and needs without blowing their budget. Chief Architect gives me the freedom I need to make adjustments and work out ideas on the fly, allowing me to visualize concepts for my clients just moments after we’ve discussed them. My expertise lies in residential and light commercial design, but I’m never afraid to take on a new challenge, thanks to the help of my incredible team here at Tidal.

I am incredibly optimistic about our future here at Tidal Drafting & Design and with Chief Architect for years to come.”

Melissa Deleon profile image
Melissa Deleon

2nd Place: Melissa DeLeon

“I received my Master of Architecture degree from the University of Texas in Arlington in 2005. It is a lifelong dream fulfilled to help people design their homes. 

Monolithic is a family legacy started in 1976 by the South brothers, David, Barry and Randy. Eventually, Barry and Randy each founded their own dome-building businesses in Idaho—while David kept control of Monolithic and came to Texas. All three organizations founded by the South brothers are still going strong, with sons, daughters, and trusted associates at the helm. Monolithic is co-owned by David’s sons, Dave and Michael South, and his son-in-law, Gary Clark. Gary is a 40-year veteran of the dome-building business, and Dave and Mike learned to build domes before they could drive. 

Monolithic Domes are constructed of a tough, inflatable airform, steel-reinforced concrete, and polyurethane foam insulation. They meet FEMA standards for providing near-absolute protection and have a proven ability to survive tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, termites, and rot. They use about 50% less energy for heating and cooling than same-size, conventionally constructed buildings. They can be designed as homes, cabins, churches, gyms, arenas, and bulk storage.”

Jason Barker Profile Image
Jason Barker

3rd Place: Jason Barker

“As Manager of the CAD Services Department, Jason leads a team of CAD design specialists. Whether for a spec, tract, or custom home, Jason’s team handles architectural design, home site grading plans, structural drafting, and any other CAD design needs. He coordinates with cities, developers, and homeowners to ensure clients’ projects are successful.

He has over 23 years of experience with architectural design as well as civil engineering design in land development, site development, subdivision, and site planning. Jason is known for finding innovative solutions to difficult design problems and for his extensive knowledge of grading design, home design, and CAD skills. Clients appreciate his easy-going manner, level-headed approach, and detail-minded results. Because he consistently looks for – and finds – ways to improve the design process, he brings value to every project.

Jason has lived in both Idaho and Utah. He is a father of three who enjoys weight training, basketball, tinkering with old cars, coaching his son’s baseball team, and attending his girls’ dance recitals.”

Kitchen, Bath, and Interiors-June

Profile image of Anna Shultice
Anna Shultice

1st Place: Anna Shultice

“My passion for residential interior design started with my mother’s blue & white ginger jar collection. After earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Iowa State University, I further developed my skills in Rome, Italy, where I learned from architects and designers, including those at Fendi. I specialize in creating timeless interiors with a vibrant use of color, constantly searching for unique pieces to add a personal touch to my projects. Outside of my profession, I cherish spending time with my family, friends, and my Italian Greyhound, Elio.”

Profile image of Allison Caballero
Allison Caballero

2nd Place: Allison Caballero

“I’m an Architectural Designer at VanderBeken Remodel in the Greater Seattle Area. Our focus is on custom home remodels, including kitchens, baths, and beyond. As a fully custom luxury Design-Build Firm, we thrive on limitless possibilities. My expertise lies in crafting custom floor plans, 3D renderings, and elevations. Utilizing Chief Architect, I ensure every project detail is meticulously realized and effectively communicated to our construction team. I particularly enjoy using Chief Architect to create highly realistic visuals, enabling clients to envision their projects with the exact selections and details we’ve chosen during the design process. Witnessing my clients’ dreams come alive and providing them with a clear preview of their project’s outcome is incredibly rewarding.”

Ashtin Bradford Profile image
Ashtin Bradford

3rd Place: Ashtin Bradford

“My name is Ashtin and I’m a residential home plan drafter. I was drawn to Chief Architect Software when I first began. I loved to show clients their future homes in 3D, which allowed them to view accurate sizing and materials. I’m thankful I took the time to learn Chief Architect at the beginning of this new career, and I can’t wait to continue to move forward in designing more homes in the future for my local community.”


Christopher Mainelli

1st Place: Christopher Mainelli

“My name is Christopher Mainelli. I am a 25 yr. old draftsman and I own Architrave Design Studio based out of Omaha. I specialize in custom house plans and 3D realistic renderings. I started my drafting business as a passion project, and I love seeing client’s dreams come to life in front of me. I enjoy working with homeowners, architects, and builders alike. This gives me a full range of clients across the construction field. I grew up working construction through a family business and majored in Art/Design in college. I always try to find the intersection of form and function and my goal is to implement that into my designs. Renderings give me a way to express this intersection in the construction world. I hope to keep doing this for many years to come and plan on using Chief to help me achieve this! I look forward to entering more design contests!”

Headshot of Susan Lobalzo
Susan Lobalzo

2nd Place: Susan Lobalzo

“Susan Lobalzo, founded Lobalzo Design Associates, Ltd in 1989 after completing her Master of Arts in Interior Design and teaching interior design at Kent State University and The University of Akron. This award-winning interior designer brings together a wealth of knowledge and a broad spectrum of expertise.

My commitment is to understand the character and lifestyle of our clients, to incorporate their tastes, and to guide them to the best possible design solutions.”

Headshot of Pantelis Nikolaides
Pantelis “Pun” Nikolaides

3rd Place: Pun Nikolaides

“I’m a Creative Director, Graphic Designer, and Entrepreneur with a passion for building all things creative, both physically and digitally. Being highlighted in the design competition and securing 3rd place was an unexpected honor and a clear demonstration that with some creativity and problem-solving skills, anyone can master Chief Architect and compete with the pros!

This remodel project was for a home we purchased that required a significant amount of attention to restore it to its full potential. Thanks to Chief Architect, we managed to transform a once dull and dingy house into a stunning home. While I may consider home remodeling as a professional career in the future, for now, Chief Architect remains my preferred tool for all my home projects.”


Headshot of Kristy Jacobson
Kristy Jacobson

1st Place: Kristy Jacobson

“Hey! My name is Kristy Jacobson! I am an Architectural Designer here in Northern Utah. I specialize in Custom House Plans, Remodels, and Interior and Exterior Renderings. I started K Design Studio about 5 years ago to be able to be home with my young kids. I have absolutely loved being able to continue my career while being able to be with my kids. The support from my family, friends, and clients have made it such a success. I am so grateful. I love everything about designing homes. Seeing it first come together on paper and then seeing the actual home be built, has been such a joy for me. I still have to pinch myself that I get to do this every day. Renderings have truly become a passion of mine. The excitement from my clients after seeing what their home/space can look like is what makes it all worth it. I am beyond grateful for all of the people and adventures that have shaped my career to what it is today. I love what I do, and wouldn’t want to do anything else!”

Headshot of Taylor Gould
Taylor Gould

2nd Place: Taylor Gould

“All of us here at Design Texas Studios are once again excited to be featured in Chief Architects’ design competition! The Chief Architect software has allowed us to serve our clients (both Builders and Owners) in powerful ways. The ability to know each design inside and out aids in the visualization and structural integrity of each project. We will continue to utilize the advancement of technology to learn and grow as a company. We are grateful for this opportunity and look forward to what’s to come!

On a more serious note, my primary goal in joining this competition was to “beat” my brother’s interior design placing. Sadly, we tied. The feud continues….”

3rd Place: Sunitha Lal

Kitchen, Bath, and Interiors-March

Headshot of Diego Rosa of Dezign Spaces, 1st place winner of Chief Architect Kitchen, Bath, & Interiors contest.
Diego Rosa

1st Place: Diego Rosa

“After a couple of years working in the Kitchen and Bath industry, I created Dezign Spaces with the aim of providing superior service and results, bringing people’s dreams vividly to life. Located in Brevard County, FL, and operating both locally and online, Dezign Spaces has been assisting homeowners, interior designers, contractors, and retail stores in visualizing the complete picture before commencing any services. Through a two-hour online consultation and design process, we strive to deliver impressive results in less than a week with great renderings, construction plans, and a design handbook. Our goal is to help homeowners navigate the remodeling process smoothly while also assisting remodelers in enhancing their businesses with results that truly impress.”

Headshot of Jesse Gould of Design Texas Studios
Jesse Gould

2nd Place: Jesse Gould

“Being featured in the design competition has been a rewarding experience for us at Design Texas Studios. It’s a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Our success in the competition underscores our commitment to excellence and our unique approach to design, which is powered by cutting-edge technology.

Our partnership with Chief Architect has been instrumental in translating our creative vision into stunning, photorealistic renderings. We leverage the software’s advanced features and tools to bring our clients’ dreams to life in unique and powerful ways. Whether it’s intricate detailing or dynamic 3D modeling, Chief Architect allows us to deliver unparalleled results efficiently.

In an industry that demands precision and creativity, we pride ourselves on blending artistic vision with technical expertise to create spaces that resonate deeply with our clients. From custom homes to commercial spaces, we strive to deliver exceptional designs that exceed expectations.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of design innovation and leveraging technology to shape the future of architecture and interior design. With Chief Architect by our side, we are excited about the endless possibilities and are eager to continue our journey of creativity, excellence, and innovation.”

3rd Place: Kelly Trotz

Kelly Trotz has been passionate about design since she was young, drawing on old blueprints that her mom would bring home from her job working with a builder. She began pursuing a degree in architecture but quickly found her passion in interior design.

Kelly is a Senior Designer at Lifestyle Design, where her enthusiasm, keen eye for detail, and amazing technical skills make her an outstanding designer. 

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