Contest Winners

Winning Designs – March’s Kitchen, Bath, and Interiors Design Contest

Shabby chic kitchen with large windows for natural light with gray neutral colors.

Design of the Year Contest Winners

Winning designs collage for the the 2020 Design of the year Contest

Winning Designs – November’s Residential Design Contest

Front of Michael Burt's Winning Design.

Winning Designs – September/October’s Kitchen, Bath, and Interiors Design Contest

Warm modern kitchen design with large windows and gold cabinet hardware.

Winning Designs – August’s Remodel/Addition Design Contest

Two- story residential home with white siding and brown accents.

Winning Designs – July’s Residential Design Contest

Micro-living home with a vaulted living area and a front porch.

Winning Designs- June’s Kitchen/Bath & Interior Design Contest

Timeless bathroom with a captivating Roman arch and marbled mosaics.

May’s Remodel/Addition Design Contest Winners

Chief Architect Remodel/ Addition Design Contest Graphic

April’s Residential Design Contest Winners

Chief Architect Design Contest with a technical illustration of a home design.

March’s Kitchen/ Bath & Interior Design Contest Winners

Kitchen rendering with blue cabinets and large, white island.