Winners of the 2023 Design of the Year Contest

Chief Architect Software Design of the year winners, a collage of a Kitchen and Bath, Residential Design, and a Remodeling project.

Profile image of Danielle Schroeder By Danielle Schroeder

Congratulations to the Chief Architect Design of the Year Winners!

Each year, Chief Architect holds monthly design contests for customers to showcase their work. Designers with various styles and backgrounds compete head to head in the following categories: Kitchen, Bath and Interiors, Residential, and Remodel/Addition.

Every month, designs are voted on through the Chief Architect Facebook page. In December, the winners are entered into the Design of the Year Contest. Voting was open until January 10th, and the results are in!

Grand Prize Winners

Watch the video announcement on our Facebook page.

Kitchen, Bath and Interiors Design Category

Grand Prize Winner – Kristen Plescow

Profile image of Kristen Plescow
Kristen Plescow

Kristen is a passionate and talented interior designer with seven years of experience in the field, including working with design-build firms. Kristen brings a vibrant energy and creative flair to her projects.

Her design philosophy centers around creating personalized and functional spaces that reflect the unique aspirations of her clients. Kristen’s dedication to her craft and ability to exceed expectations make her a sought-after designer. She weaves together aesthetics and functionality with each project, breathing life into every room. Kristen’s infectious enthusiasm and commitment to creating inspiring spaces continue to shape her remarkable career in interior design.

A Kitchen 3D rendering with a double island and a private chefs kitchen

Residential Design Category

Grand Prize Winner – Donald Corbin

Don Corbin Headshots
Donald Corbin

“I own and operate an Architectural Design Studio in Honolulu, Hawaii.
I have been using Chief Architect since version 5 (not X5). I started using Chief Architect in the year 2000. We solely operate Chief Architect here in my office. I have 8 licenses.

We concentrate on residential design, and we model everything in 3D for our clients to visualize. It is a great tool for communicating different ideas and design concepts. I find it invaluable. My clients are thrilled and amazed at what the program can do. They get so excited to be able to see their kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, and exterior renderings of their house designs.

I have attended several Chief Architect classes along the way. I always recommend learning from someone who knows more than I do, which speeds up the learning curve, and I can produce better, faster, more intricate designs and plans.

We also do all of our construction drawings in-house, with Chief Architect, including floor Plans, elevations, foundation, framing and cross sections, and details. I have shown how fast Chief is compared to other programs to those who are experts in other programs, and they have all conceded Chief is faster and easier to use.

Thank you, Chief Architect, for providing me with a tool that I can utilize to create an architectural design company that is head and shoulders above most of my competition. It has truly helped to make us one of the best architectural design companies in Honolulu, Hawaii.”

Coastal retreat with two car garage with overlooking porch

Remodel/Addition Design Category

Grand Prize Winner – Jorge Arreola

Profile image of Jorge Arreola
Jorge Arreola

“I was raised in Mexico, where I received a degree in Architecture. My passion is creating, but more importantly, watching my designs being built. All of my designs have been in the Houston area. My wife, Raquel, and I have two beautiful daughters, who are the most important things in my life. I am an avid Houston sports fan and enjoy listening to all types of music, especially when I am creating. I enjoy going to the movies, grilling outside, and eating everything I prepare. “

Rending of modern second floor addition by Jorge Arreola using Chief Architect Premier X14

Thank you to everyone who shared designs with us in 2023. We are excited about a new year of design contests beginning in February. Learn how to share your designs and enter our upcoming contest.



Residential winner looks like one of Chiefs training video plans. Good work, but not too original.

Buenos días, Señores de Chief Architect yo quiero saber si tienen versión de este programa en español.
porque para mí a mis 67 años sería más fácil usar mi programa de Chief Architect en español.

Chief Architect

Hello Carlos,

Thank you for your interest in Chief Architect Software. The software is only offered in English at this time.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out.


Chief Architect Sales

Normand Doré

Good morning
I have been using Chef Architect Pro since 2020, your software is great but I am not as good in the English language, I am French speaking from Quebec but for some time I have been translating my screens into French simultaneously with Google and it helps me a lot to learn.
I would so appreciate being able to translate Home Designer Pro 2024 Professional User’s Guide and Reference Manual but the PDFs are not translating simultaneously, could you help me on this, I would save so much time.
Your webinars are so good and informative.
Thank you and good day
Normand Doré
P.S. Sorry if there are spelling mistakes this text is translated into Google

Chief Architect

Hello Normand,

Thank you for reaching out to Chief Architect Software. The User guide is available in English only at this time. We will bring your request to have that translated to the team. In the meantime, you can utilize the pdf download and translate using a third party resource. We also have a Chief Architect YouTube channel, on YouTube there is an option to select a language to translate to although we cannot guarantee the accuracy.

Have a good day!
Chief Architect Sales

solangel elvira ramos gomez

i want to know how they did this render because when i try to render using chief if not like this is not too real

Chief Architect

Hello Solangel!

Renderings can vary a great amount with settings and lighting. Read our article on rendering tips for more information on improving renderings.

Have a good day,

Chief Architect Sales

jacobo banman

HOLA Arquitectos de Chief Architect me gusta trabajar con el Chief es facil si lo recomendo

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