What Our Customers Are Saying About Home Designer Software

I have been using Home

I have been using Home Designer Pro for many years (since 2008, I think) and I really enjoy it. I get the new version every year. It is a very good product. The only desapointment is that a lots of library items are for SSA only. Why only for SSA? I would really appreciate to be able to have access to it with Home Designer Pro.
Thank you

Monique Laliberte

Design and Envision Concurrently

At a fraction of the cost of customized on-line house plans we were able combine the best parts of different designs to create construction ready blueprints that the builder said were far better than what they get from the on-line plans. The ability to view 3D perspectives during the design and detailing process helped guide every decision. Access to manufacturer catalogs took the guesswork out of door, window and exterior designs, finishes and colors. Achieving this does require a level of proficiency with the software, but the user and reference manuals are excellent and the blog site helped throughout the learning curve.
Mac Version Home Designer Pro 2023.

Keith Hanchett
4AM Resources LLC

A perspective from a novice

I am not a trained architect or professional builder but I will call myself a professional software user, especially in the field of cad and 3d design. I find this product to be very user friendly, intuitive, logically laid out and an overall great piece of cad software engineering. In addition, the extensive online resources on this product are exceptional and of the same high quality of content and design as the software itself. And for the best part, the price. Nowhere have I ever reviewed a piece of cad software with this level of functionality at a price point this is at. It really is a fantastic deal in my opinion.

Keith Bowen
GKB Enterprises, Inc.

Absolutely love this product!

This is a very intuitive and user friendly software to use. I bought my first version in 2008, my second version in 2014, and my latest version is 2022. I’ve designed a small boathouse, a 2000ft guesthouse, and recently designed a new kitchen in my main house. I showed the camera view printouts to the kitchen designer we are using and he was floored by how cool the images were. I would definitely recommend this to someone remodeling or building something new.

Kit Greene

Awesome software!

As a home builder that wanted to design my own house plans this software has been a great tool to work with! After a few YouTube how to videos I was drawing plans in a few weeks! Very easy to get used to!

Jared Monger
Monger Construction

Excellent Software and Online Support

I bought this software as a novice DIY homeowner to visualize a new stone patio on my house and to help with getting estimates. I enjoyed the experience so much that I’ve rendered my whole house using the software and will use it to redesign my kitchen, main bath, and landscape!

Ken Gareau

Exporting CAD Files Feature

I was given a hand-drawn floor plan and needed to convert it to a CAD file type. Home Designer Suite allows me to import a photo of the plan, scale it, and draw over it. The Suite has worked perfectly and saved hours and hours!

Evan Roberts

I highly recommend the purchase of this product.

Very easy to get started and to use. Functionality is very intuitive. Within a couple of hours I completed a layout of the first and second floors as well as the garage and basement of my house. I’m now progressing with the interior room partitions, stairs, doors, windows and room labels.

In the last couple of days I was able to correctly build the garage roof as well as the porch roof. I have also built a 24’x32’ barn properly located relative to the 5 acre property perimeter as well as from the house; built a stream across the property as well as a driveway and parking area. I am now working on the land elevations and slope across the property.

I continue to find its functionality as very intuitive and I am very satisfied and happy with my progress.

Bob Kneisel

Absolutely Love

I just got done spending a total of 2 1/2 hours on the phone with tech and customer support to install a new program on a brand new computer. I was actually in tears at the end from their patience and knowledge and desire to help get me set up. Their knowledge and expertise is mind blowing. Forget the fact that you actually immediately get to talk to a real person. Nathan, Vince, and Kim have earned my respect and love today. 

Todd Liccardi

Undoubtedly The Best

Home Designer Professional is undoubtedly the best. The bang for the buck you get with Home Designer far exceeds anything else, and it is the most suitable design software I found for residential and light commercial design.

There are plenty of well-made tutorials on the website that are suitable for beginner and experienced users alike. The software is very user-friendly, and it is easy to figure out. I highly recommend Home Designer.

John Rahall profile image with wife
John Rahall
JHR Design

Beautiful 3D Rendering

While a hand-drawn and colored rendering can be very beautiful, Home Designer’s 3D renderings can come very close. Minus the angst…when a design change is called for.

And just as importantly, 3D renderings aid homeowners when making important selections. Such as: siding, windows, roofing, cabinetry, fixtures and all exterior and interior finish materials. How disappointing to spend thousands of dollars on a large ticket item to discover that it doesn’t look the way you thought it would…doesn’t fulfill your dream.

Woman siting on the beach.
Sandra Lukas

This program is SO easily navigable

Any teenager who exhibits the slightest bit of interest in design, blueprints, or construction, NEEDS this program.  It could very well be the avenue to a new beginning for the rest of their life.   

When I found a copy of Home Designer Suite as a young child, my life changed. Chief Architect opened up a world of creativity that I knew I possessed. I felt like a 15-year-old architect.

Now, as a professional photographer, one of my favorite features about Home Designer is that I can add my own photography inside the homes I design – my personal touch. This program is SO easily navigable, that anyone can learn it at their own pace. I had no prior knowledge other than what I taught myself by connecting lines together and building from there.  I am so excited to keep building both homes, and my own creativity! – Thanks to Chief Architect!  

Portrait of Bobby McFadden
Bobby McFadden

Home Designer Suite

I love how easy it is to change wall and flooring colors and material in Home Designer, and laying out tiles on my floor to illustrate how they might look on the shower walls was the perfect “real life” companion to the e-drawing. I surprised myself with how similar the final laundry/bath was to the design.

Bathroom with glass shower and custom, blue tiles.

Home Designer Suite

I have tried using other CAD programs in the past and found them extremely difficult to use. I find Home Designer software to be logical and fairly easy to use. I did quite a bit of research before I first purchased Home Designer and have not ever been sorry…

Jim Shallman

Home Designer Architectural

Building a log home has enough differences that a simple home designer tool just didn’t cut it. After trying a few different tools I finally found Chief Architect’s Home Designer software and when I put our plans into the Architectural edition it all came together.

Picture of Jim Ducharme
Jim Ducharme

Home Designer Architectural

I have been using Chief Architect’s Home Designer for about three years now and it has done so many important projects that I wouldn’t have been able to complete without it.

Boy sitting on brick steps.
Christian Dewitt

Home Designer Architectural

Just bought your House Designer software yesterday. (Been trying it out for a couple of weeks). I’m using it to design the house that I always dream about and I want to share with you that I love your product to death.

I have been testing out several other software – online & desktop. None came close. They’re so complicated and troublesome that I thought that it was me being helplessly stupid and therefore not being able to use them. Rarely, have I encountered a software like yours, one that can EASILY and INTUITIVELY do what I wish for and then more.

We sometimes voice our opinion because we have something to complain about. But not this time for me. Kudos to you for such an awesome piece of software.

Thank you so much for saving my time and helping me to see what my dream home looks like before actually building it! Keep up the good work!