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Author's portraitBy Adrean Stephenson

At some point, your ideas and designs will become a reality. When things get real, you’ll be collecting part numbers and prices, then putting in orders, and finally seeing all of your visions come to fruition.

Life can be a lot easier when the goods you plan to purchase are plucked directly from your favorite brands’ digital catalogs and then placed into your Chief Architect and Home Designer projects.

One goal of our Content Development team is to make this process easy and accessible. We work with many brand partners to curate digital catalogs that are specifically compatible with the Chief Architect family of software. Our hosting tool for these brand catalogs, and an array of other downloadable content for enhancing your work, is the 3D Library.

You may browse, download, and otherwise exhaust the 3D Library and still feel like there are underrepresented products. What then?

Thumbnails view of branded catalogs for download from 3D Library.

There are a few options, and depending on the tack you choose, you may contribute to creating a better experience for yourself and the Chief Architect user community at large!

1.1You can find generic or similar objects from the Library Browser and add your own branding and object information, so they report the real-life product information in schedules and materials lists.

2. If hosted elsewhere, you can download and import the branded data and preserve it for future use in your User Catalog.

3. You can initiate a dialogue with your brand representatives and advocate for digital catalog development, creating mutually beneficial relationships.

If you are able to pursue option 3, you may be facilitating a long and beautiful relationship that provides you easy to access, quick to import, product catalogs. Customer Voice is a highly effective tool in your possession. When brands understand the value of spending some time with Chief Architect Content Developers creating a compatible virtual catalog, everyone wins.

Quick rewards check:

Q: Does your product specification get easier, and your design representations become more accurate?

A: You know it!

Q: Do brands get more exposure and direct contact from people like you who are ready to purchase?

A: Oh yeah!

Q: Does Chief Architect get to help users like you become more successful?

A: We sure do!

Here is a method and an easy message you can share with your favorite brands, helping them understand the importance of working with Chief Architect creating a digital catalog.

Method – Share your thoughts on social:
Post your catalog needs directly to the brand’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Houzz accounts. Make sure to tag Chief Architect in your posts so it is easy for your contact to know what you are talking about.

Use @ChiefArchitect or #ChiefArchitect. Our social team will see this too if you’ve posted it in a public area and can help provide more information and back you up. Also, consider that if you post publicly (vs. a private message) like-minded peers may see your efforts and chime in with support or reach out on their own. The more the merrier when it comes to making customers happy!

Message – Just tell them how they can help:
“I would really love being able to specify your brand in the designs I create using @ChiefArchitect. A downloadable catalog would make my selection and purchasing choices much easier and help my projects’ decision-makers visualize what they will be getting with your products. You can get in touch with Chief Architect’s catalog team via e-mail: They also host this webpage for catalog partners:

These are a few of the most recent downloadable brand catalogs that can be found on the 3D Library.

After the hard work of planning, creating, and distributing branded catalogs is done, the fun begins! Renderings, videos, shopping, and before-and-after pictures are results that we can all appreciate and enjoy!

Be sure to share your successes; we love to see what you are making and the tools you use to get there.

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Hi Adrean

Hope Ur well.

Will Chief Architect at anytime in the future become a plugin for Lumion and vice versa.

At the moment the 2 softwares are not “partners” as such.

Thanks for a great software like CA.


Chief Architect

Hello Rafeek!

Thank you for your suggestion. At this time we are not planning a plugin for Chief Architect with Lumion, but we appreciate getting feedback on what is helpful to you and your design workflow. If you have any other feedback on improvements, please send your feature requests to

Chief Architect Sales

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