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Amanda Clutter places 3rd with her 1920’s Farmhouse Kitchen Design

This project was based on a home purchased by my husband and I. It’s a 1920’s farm house. The house needs completely remodeled and we are looking forward to getting started once our loan closes. One of the most important things I try to tell all my customers when they are planning a kitchen remodel is “What is important to you about this remodel? Who is going to be doing the majority of the cooking in the kitchen? Will it be one, two or multiple cooks? Will it be a place for socializing and guests to gather? What items do you currently have in your current kitchen and where will they go in the new one?” There are so many questions to ask so that we can make sure our customer’s new kitchen is truly a dream come true once it’s complete. In this remodel my husband and I hope to keep the classic farm house feel but give it a more updated, open plan.

Pamela Tamaddon places 2nd with her Traditional Kitchen design

The kitchen was designed by Glen Head Kitchens & Baths for Anray Custom Builders, Inc. And yes the homeowner had a Labrador retriever. We are a Wood-Mode Custom Cabinetry/ Brookhaven Dealer on the North Shore of Long Island NY, specializing in Custom Kitchens and Baths, as well as offering Interior Design-Space Planning services. We have been using Chief Architect starting with X6, this traditional kitchen design project was executed in X9 Interiors.

Davida Rodriguez – Featured Study Guide Designer

Author's portrait by Adrean Stephenson


I love the friendly, bright, airiness of the winning Small Kitchen for the 2017 NKBA Design Competition. Davida Rodriguez, of Davida’s Kitchen and Tiles, worked some magic on this remodel space.


Elma Gardner – Featured NKBA Study Guide Designer

Author's portrait by Adrean Stephenson


Elma Gardner has only ever drafted her designs by hand, and they are beautiful. A fading art in our digital age, the small details are the most impressive in her style. My personal favorites are the tiny circles that don’t quite encompass the numbers for her Floor Plan Specification labels, eluding to the efficient confidence in speed her hands must take on as they traverse the page.


“I just happen to be one of those strange people that actually enjoys hand-drafting and have made a deliberate decision to stick with it. I like the process.”