Winning Designs – July’s Residential Design Contest

Modern Mountain home with a brown wood exterior.

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From French Country style to Modern Farmhouse, we saw some great designs in July’s Residential Design Contest. Let’s congratulate the finalists on their winning designs!

1st Place Winner: John Rahall

John Rahall profile image with wife

John’s “Modern With a Rustic Mask” home was designed with his wife’s wishes in mind. Behind the Rustic exterior “Mask” you will find a Modern interior with a tropical garden and outdoor pool. The design includes bronze accents and polished marble. The space consists of a primary bedroom, primary bathroom, two guest bedrooms and bathrooms, plus an entertaining area.

John’s interest in building and design sparked at a very young age. He remembers constructing forts and houses with blocks in kindergarten and the fondness for designing and building never ended.

John later attended the University of Kentucky and studied Architecture. Today, you can find him creating beautiful and unique homes for his wide variety of clients at JHR Design.

John's Winning “Modern With a Rustic Mask” Design

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2nd Place Winner: Alan Lehman

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Alan is the principal designer at Lehman Design Studio. His winning design is located in Carmel, California. The project is 1600 square feet with three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and a detached garage. The living space is surrounded by a patio area to allow for a cozy outdoor living area.

Alan started his design career at eight years old. His first client was a pet dog and he created a spectacular doghouse. He later acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and now uses Chief Architect Premier in his business. Alan likes the productivity features of the software and feels Chief Architect is a game changer!

Alan Lehman's Winning Design

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3rd Place Winner: Aaron Swearengin

Aaron of Oak River Design created a charming home with a white exterior, a covered front porch, and a gable roof. He believes that a home is more than a place to live, but where life happens! He likes to bring homes to life and enjoys making functional designs. Aaron uses Chief Architect Premier and has been using the software for several years.

Traditional 2 story home with white siding and gable roofs

We enjoyed viewing everyone’s designs and want to thank you all for sharing with us and our community! Learn how you can share your designs and enter our upcoming contests.

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Amazing and unique content! Impressive! I didn’t know that there was a fun contest like this. The winning designs for July’s Residential Design Contest really deserve it. The first place with Modern With a Rustic Mask has a modern and elegant design. The second and third places also have beautiful residential designs. With your content, I was more inspired to renovate my home. Can I join the contest too soon? Just kidding! Thanks much for posting! I love it!

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